Style Radar: Eileen Kelly

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by Lisa Heverly, Contributing Writer

This is the generation for girls. If anything has characterized these past decades, it’s the rise of, and push for, women empowerment and independence. Whether it’s society shaping young women or young women shaping society, some of the coolest female icons are the ones that push boundaries in the way they dress, talk and do life. One of these females, and my personal idol, is Eileen Kelly.

Eileen is a 20 year-old Seattle-born, New York-living, Instagram it girl who came to fame through her NSFW Instagram photos and carefree way of life. She grew up with a single father and without a mother, had to figure out things on her own, hence her independent spirit. She created an advice blog on Tumblr while in high school that eventually turned into a full-fledged brand complete with a sex ed blog for the millennial and merchandise trademarked with her Instagram handle @killerandasweetthang. Accompanying this talent comes a girl with a keen sense of mode.

Her style is indescribable. Quite retro, slightly grungy, a little designer and undoubtedly feminine.  Ever-changing, she dresses strictly according to her mood. Her closet encompasses everything from black bomber jackets to sequined dresses to plain white tank tops that all accommodate her many personalities as some people simply cannot fit into one category.

Furthermore, Eileen manages to pull it all off despite her angelic baby face or societal pressures. A blend of delicate lacy pieces combined with blazer jackets and straight leg pants one day, an oversized t-shirt with velvet sneakers the next, a child XL Limited Too jogger set to a Saturday night party. One important aspect to her style is her late mother’s influence. Her mother’s vintage pieces are peppered throughout Eileen’s day and night outfits, whether it be a crystal choker or a Chinese silk robe (Eileen is of Asian descent, no culture appropriation here).

She has also mastered the art of varying fabrics and textures, which are fundamental for any memorable outfit. A studded pink tube skirt paired with a crushed blue velvet long sleeve shirt makes for a killer combo and one hard to duplicate. She effortlessly combines unconventional and extra quirky pieces to make a fashion statement (tan boy scout uniform anyone?) or to just have fun. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

On a final note, Eileen can pull off these distinct and occasionally risky ensembles because she wears them with confidence. The posture, pose and strong aura surrounding her help as much to decorate her body as clothing does. So I encourage everyone out there dying to try out a new trend, or afraid of standing out in a sea of North Faces here at Madison, to give it a go, have fun with it and never apologize for your wardrobe selection.

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