Visit Madison’s Own Cat Café Right Meow


by Caroline Daniels, Contributing Writer

As chilly November temperatures settle on campus with assignments, midterms and commitments piling up for busy students, nothing sounds better than snuggling up with a furry feline (one who will not judge you for skipping class tomorrow morning). But do not worry, there is no need to sneak a new pet past your House Fellow or landlord; the Madison cat café has you covered.

Making its home on Monroe Street last March, Cat Café Mad offers a cozy space furnished with leather couches, board games and lots of kitty play structures—not to mention cats; everywhere. In fact, the only feline-free space is the self-service drink bar, where your $10 admission fee covers your first coffee, hot chocolate, tea or soda, with additional drinks only costing a dollar extra! The space also provides free Wi-Fi, making it a perfect study destination.

The Cat Cafe Mad’s mission is “to provide the public with a chance to experience the love, fun, and happiness that comes from owning a cat in a relaxing atmosphere…[Their] goal is to bring the worldwide model of cat cafés to the US and help the ‘cat craze.’”


But the purpose of Cat Café Mad’s extends beyond bringing caffeine and cuddles to animal-deprived students. The café also hosts a number of foster cats who are up for adoption and seeks to raise awareness for cats who need a home. In total, about 18 cats occupy the café at a time, and even if you cannot find time in your busy schedule to visit the space, you can always check in on the cats’ antics on the Cat Cafe Mad’s website, where they have a live cat cam!

Other ways to engage with the cat café include purchasing some of their super cute merchandise (from jewelry to artwork, clothing and more), as well as getting a Cat Cafe Mad membership. The latter of which may be an option for the real cat fanatics. The benefits of the membership include a discounted cover charges, free access to events, unlimited kitty visits and a picture on their site with one of their many cats!

If you are a cat lover, the café’s warm, welcoming environment and menagerie of furry study partners make it the perfect place to de-stress during exam season. You may leave the cat café wishing you could take one home with you—but if you’re not ready for the responsibility of a furry friend, you can at least take home plenty of fur on your sweater!

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