Fall in Love with Autumn Polishes

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by Lauren Chung, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Every fall, we watch the leaves change to brilliantly bright oranges and daunting, deep reds while sipping on hot cider. But why let the love for all things fall stop there? An autumnal manicure is the ultimate accessory to match your chunkiest sweater and coziest boots. Here are a few of our must-haves shades this season:


Essie’s “Wicked”

If you love bright reds during the holiday season but don’t quite want to bust out your favorite bottle just yet, the cult favorite Wicked is your perfect transition shade. The shade’s deeper complexion will instantly remind you of those crisp fall night, and its darkness will match practically anything you wear. Plus, darker colors look great on nails of all shapes and lengths!


Revlon’s “Raven Red”

However, if you are still hung up on those truer reds, Revlon’s Raven Red is your match. Sport this deep, red-apple color this fall to maintain your inner ‘girl boss’ attitude, while still being on top of all the fall trends.


Essie’s “Geranium”

Finding a wearable shade of orange is tricky in any beauty or fashion trend. Leave it to Essie, however, to find the perfect hue. Geranium’s burnt, red-orange color allows you to pay tribute to the changing leaves without offsetting whatever other colors and patterns your cozy autumn wardrobe entails.


Essie’s “Petal Pushers” and “After School Boy Blazer”

Whoever says blue is a color reserved for the warmer months is wrong, and they certainly never thought about Petal Pushers and After School Boy Blazer. Both of these shades perfectly compliment the weather’s dropping temperatures. If you are looking for a more season-appropriate polish that is casual enough for everyday wear, Petal Pushers is the perfect fit. The blue undertones in its gray base will remind you of those beloved, rainy days. For a darker and more intense shade of blue, try After School Boy Blazer, the ultimate navy polish for the cooler months.


OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark”

OPI gives the perfect description of Lincoln Park After Dark, as being “where midnight meets purple.” LPAD is the ultimate eggplant color to wear during the autumnal months. At first, it’s hue more closely resembles the deep midnight sky. However, the sunlight highlights the truly stunning purple tints, making it a popular option to try this season.

Sporting a new nail color may seem like a small task at first, but doing so can dramatically enhance your fall look. Next time you are online shopping or at your local drugstore, browse the aisles for one of these must-haves, and treat your nails to a fresh coat in honor of the seasonal spirits.

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