Style Radar: Emily Luciano

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by Ashley Ng, Fashion Editorial Assistant

What’s black, white and neutral all over? If I had to guess, I would say Emil Luciano’s closet. Emily is a Canadian-based fashion blogger who has mastered the art of neutrals. To say her wardrobe is well developed would be an understatement. She has claimed her chic, minimalist style from her dedication to blogging. Emily founded her fashion blog Lovely Luciano a little over a year ago and has been consistently gaining followers ever since. Her Instagram handle @emily_luciano has now reached 243K followers.

If you quickly scroll through her Instagram account, you’ll immediately notice the apparent aesthetic of blacks, whites, greys, tans, and blushes. Emily has crafted these fundamental colors to create a satisfying array of sophisticated looks. She does not let her basic palette limit her in any way. If anything, her commitment to neutrals has likely benefited her as it appeals to her audience (myself included).

Just like her colors, Emily’s style is just as distinct. If I were to describe her style, it would be city chic. You will always find her sporting the latest trends as she roams NYC. On top of that, she always tops her outfits off with a pair of mirrored Shevoke sunglasses. Even though her style is predictable, Emily is not afraid to mix things up. She knows how to pair contrasting textures, tones and lengths in a tasteful way. You could easily find her in a silk blouse and leather jacket, tan dress and beige heels or a miniskirt paired with an over-the-top long coat.

What I love most about Emily’s style, though, is her ability re-wear articles of clothing and still create completely different looks. It gives her a sense of practicality that many of her followers can relate to. If you can’t wear new clothes everyday, reworking your closet is the next best thing, and Emily Luciano has mastered exactly that.

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