Hold Up, Wait a Minute: Ways to Slow Down Your Day

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Written & Photographed by Anna Whisler, Contributing Writer

Constantly running to your next activity, thinking about your extensive to-do list or planning your schedule for weeks ahead is part of everyday modern life.  There is so much to do and so little time. Although the feelings of accomplishment and pride that stem from productivity are vital to well-being, so is your sanity. Follow these easy tips to achieve some relaxation and perspective amid your hectic schedule!

Walk it Out

Skipping the bus ride in favor of your own two legs gives you some extra exercise and does wonders to clear your head. Try walking alone, with only your thoughts to keep you company. Although this may not be the most efficient way to get to class, walking gives you valuable time to reset before jumping into your next activity. Plus, the activity saves you from the feeling of being shuttled from task to task.

Press the Power Button

Technology is arguably the biggest enemy to relaxation. Constant connection means that our minds are always preoccupied. There is always someone who wants to talk or some event to add to your planner. Turn your phone off for a few minutes (or hours if you’re brave) to avoid the exhaustion of perpetual interaction. Stop thinking ahead, and focus on yourself in this moment.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Amid the rush of life, it is easy to forget about the little things that make you happy or the big things that you take for granted. Fill a notebook with things you are thankful for, or, write something positive about your day each night before bed. Taking a minute or two to focus on the present will make you realize that there is no need to constantly focus on the future. Reflection on positive moments and gratitude can help you put your life in perspective.

Give Yourself a Treat

Buy yourself a cupcake for no reason, pick up a hot drink when the temperatures drop below zero or choose to watch some Netflix instead of spending all your free time on homework. Boost your happiness levels and take a break from the next thing on your calendar.

Life is busy – there is no denying it! By no means, however, does that mean you must succumb to the never-ending pressure of pursuing, achieving and completing. Start with implementing little changes to slow down your day, and work your way up to reach your innermost zen.

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