The Accessory Edit: The Ultimate Kate Spade Gift Guide

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by Julia Schiller, Contributing Writer
Holiday season is right upon us and you know what that means…it’s time to start shopping for that perfect gift for your friends or loved ones! One store you can’t afford to miss is Kate Spade. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, a family member or friend, Kate Spade has got you covered!

Stocking Stuffers


A great gift doesn’t have to have a huge price tag—it’s the thought that counts. Kate Spade has a lot of options for great gifts that won’t break the bank. To make the gift a little more personal, Kate Spade has a multitude of options, from key chains to necklaces, coin purses to earrings, and everything in between. My personal favorite is this gold, initial ring that you that adds a little sparkle to every outfit. But if whom you’re buying for isn’t a jewelry person, not to worry. Kate Spade still has many gift ideas, such as an insulated thermos perfect for the upcoming cold winter months, or even this classy, pastel wallet that could fit in your back pocket.


“Treat Yo Self”


If you’re a Parks and Recreation fan like I am, you know how sacred Tommy and Donna’s “Treat Yo Self” day is. So why not buy yourself something cute from Kate Spade this winter? Whether you prefer over-the-shoulder totes or patterned clutches, Kate Spade has all the colors, designs and sizes you could possibly dream of! An over-the-shoulder that caught my eye was Leonard Street Mini Mariel. Large enough to fit all of your items and cute enough to match, this caramel-colored bag would be the perfect addition to any outfit. Secondly, the Emma Lane Fabric Maya is the multi-colored tote perfect for the winter holidays, and I am seriously considering buying this season! Last, but certainty not the least, is the Maia Travel Wallet, a Kate Spade online exclusive. This clutch’s design features passport stamps from multiple different countries, and can is perfect for anyone’s inner explorer.


For the Boys


But what about gifts for those guys in your life? While Kate Spade may only have items for women and girls, their “brother company,” Jack Spade, has the same trendy and preppy vibe but tailored specifically towards men. Here are a couple options I thought would make great gifts. For guys who are more tech-savvy, this nylon computer bag or this simple yet classic phone case would be a hit. Most of the phone cases can be paired with a matching wallet. Furthermore, all of the items featured above come in multiple sizes, shapes and colors, plus can even be personalized just like Kate Spade items, so options seem limitless.

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