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by Ashley Mackens, Fashion Writer

They say “pick your poison”: Alcohol, drugs, gambling…But only a true fashionista knows the best high comes from shopping.

Everyone shops for a different reason. Maybe it is because you are having a bad day, or perhaps you have an event to attend, heck, maybe you’re bored. Whatever the reason, we all feel the same thrilling rush that comes with each new purchase.


Call it materialistic, but there is no denying the happiness that buying new clothes brings you. It is a happiness you get to relive every time you wrap yourself in that cozy sweater or slip on those hot, red heels. Buying clothes to adorn yourself is a reward. Life can be rough, so every now and then we deserve to treat ourselves.


An even more gratifying experience is when you finally buy something you have had your eye on for months, only now it’s on sale. Demonstrating patience is hard when we really want things, but saving money on an expensive item is totally worth the short-term suffering. Afterward, you’ll feel accomplished and radiant.


One great thing about shopping is that you can do it with friends. Bonding (or maybe fighting) over the latest handbags, boosting each other’s confidence in the fitting room and saving one another from a frightful fashion faux pas is a constructive way to spend a girls day.


Shopping can also serve as your means of exercise. With all the trendy fitness shit circulating these days, like aqua cycling and pole dancing, who says shopping can’t be your cardio? I mean, it is totally justified. My heart rate increases just looking at clothes in magazines…imagine the calories you can burn power walking all over the mall!



For those of you that don’t enjoy working out, shopping can also be done from the comfort of your own home. If you have an internet connection, you have the entire shopping world in the palm of your hand. Once you place that order, waiting for the mailman to deliver your goodies is like a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.


Shopping may even keep you sane. There are dozens of recommended ways to relieve stress, but there is nothing quite like retail therapy. A clothing purchase that you love and feel good in increases your confidence and gives you the courage to tackle any challenge. A new pencil skirt could help you rock an important interview and look good while doing so.


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