Fashion Guide to Beat the Winter Blues

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by Hamayail Ansari, Guest Fashion Writer

As students begin the first leg of the Spring semester  there’s a certain…oh how do I put this eloquently…laziness in the air. They’re called the winter blues, my friends, and most of us have got em’. Though we’d like to deny it, we lapsed back into wearing t-shirts and sweats a mere few weeks into the semester. Now, because we’d like our friends and families to be able to recognize us, follow this guide to keep you out of the winter blues and looking your best throughout the winter season for any occasion!

Black Bleghh

Black doesn’t have to be “bleghh”

In the fashion world, monochromatic pairings are a classic go-to for almost any event. Whether you’re pairing a matching skirt and top or blazer and pants, it’s easy to look put a monochromatic look together without having to put much thought into it at all! Here, I’ve paired a basic top with a pair of black jeans. To further elevate the outfit, I’ve added a pair of sparkly boots and earrings to match. The gold tones are subtle which are key to keeping the sophistication of the full black look. Another thing to keep in mind is to play with textures and shapes of the different elements of the look. Details like the voluminous bell sleeves on the top, tight fitted jeans, and even though the purse is black as well, it’s curved shape and delicate gold tones add a certain finished touch to pull the look together

Casual PlaidPlaid Comfort

I think at one point or another in our college careers we’ve all appreciated the comfort and warmth that plaid flannel tops bring to our wardrobe. Don’t know what to wear one morning when you’re running late for class? Skip the wrinkled tee at the bottom of your laundry bag and reach for one of your many flannels. (One of them must still be clean!) A great thing about plaids is that most have an array of colors and tones worked into the design, leaving you with more options to pair them with! Because the plaid can have a lot going on, I suggest pairing them with neutrals that bring out their colors. Here, I’ve used black pants, a tan coat and dark brown boots to bring life to this flowy flannel!



Work-Out Fake-Out

Kudos to all you college students still finding time to hit the gym this time of year. With non-stop waves of deadlines and midterms right around the corner, finding time for the  gym is more than difficult, Especially when you’re determined to fulfill it as your New Year’s resolution, it comes down to questioning whether an extra two hours of sleep is more important than the gym. (Unfortunately the answer is more often than not, yes.) A lot of it has to do with how lazy I get because finding a second whole outfit to change into for the day gets annoying. Here, you can be dressed athletic, but still only need to switch into workout leggings to head to the gym. Try to get a workout in at LEAST three times a week! Go first thing in the morning for an extra boost of energy throughout the day and never again leave home without your sense of style! Even if you don’t go to the gym, other people don’t have to know that.


Maroon Swoon

This outfit here is one of my personal favorites! Burgundy is the perfect color to wear in winter and autumn and when paired with blush accessories, you’re sure to win a party’s best dressed guest! Whether you’re meeting up with some old friends from dinner or need something to wear for your fancy work party, opt for something sleek and accent it with a color in its spectrum. For burgundy, I chose blush as the accent color. By adding a blush fur jacket, the texture of this outfit evolves into something elaborate, while maintaining sophistication. Add that same accent color to your shoes and you’re ready to go! You still want to maintain your base color, so I’ve also thrown in a gorgeous burgundy bag to bring the outfit full circle and anyways, who doesn’t love a Michael Kors bag?

blanket scarf

The Blanket Scarf

I don’t think enough praise can be given to the versatile quality of the blanket scarf. First off, the name says all that you need to know about how comfortable it is to wear. They’re made to be warm, soft, fluffy and–drum roll please–fashionable! Here is yet another way to incorporate plaid into your cold weather looks. Pair with vests, dresses, tees, sweaters, basically anything! What’s even more great is that this is something that you can wear multiple times within the week, so there’s no need to plan for Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday classes, pretending like you didn’t just wear that yesterday, any longer!

sweater weather

Sweater & Leather Weather

I think we all can appreciate how comfortable and cozy sweaters make us feel when the temperature starts to really drop. Rather than opting for the same black pair of leggings we always go for, class up your outfit with a pair of leather accessories! A cute pair of gloves or a sleek pair of black pants are sure to take you from the “rolled out of bed” look to something more ready to take on an impromptu night out!

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