Not Your Mother’s Lip Trends

by Cassie Hurwitz, Lifestyle Staff Writer

With the recent Internet takeover of beauty bloggers, YouTubers and makeup gurus, stunning works of cosmetic art litter social media– including those within the confines of lips. While these trends may seem daunting, the trends can be simplified into five easy options. Whether you are a lipstick fanatic or feel that bare is beautiful, each of these pieces of art are fun to recreate and will bring out your inner beauty guru.


Hologram Lips

The first of the lip trend craze is this glossy, colorful blend. Meant to mimic the swirling colors of holograms, this artful lip can be easily copied by using any of the Sigma Beauty Lip Switch Gloss shades. Each color gives a different blend of holographic colors, without the fuss of figuring out how to mix it yourself. However, it is possible to create hologram lips without spending a penny. Simply mix together a few shades of lipstick or lip gloss that you already own. Use your creativity to blend a selection of your favorite colors into a miniscule work of art, and you will be perfectly on-trend.


Crystal Lips

For lip art that is geologically approved, try this geode-inspired look. Makeup artist Johannah Adams first created the idea, and it has taken the makeup world by storm. To recreate the trend, apply a mix of purple lipstick and glitter on most of your lips, stopping just before the outer edge. Then, combine glitter with white or light pink lipstick and apply this to the outer edge of your lips. Finish off by applying a mixture of black lipstick and glitter just outside. A perfect, face-friendly glitter to use is the NYX Cosmetics Face and Body Glitter. To help secure the shape, use black eyeliner or lip liner to trace the outside edges. Then, fill in the colors. If you want to impress your peers (and possibly get a few extra credit points in your science lecture), this trend is for you.


Ombre Lips

This lip trend is very flexible, as you can use any combination of shades. It first began with the ever so popular ombre hair craze, but has now transferred over to the face for an equally appealing look. The trick to ombre lips is seamlessly blending each color to make them look as if they are melting together. Perfect the look by applying your desired shades of lipstick in the chosen spots and, using a lip brush, blend the shades together. Make sure to do so quickly, before the lipstick sets, in order to create the ultimate ombre effect. The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick has 100 shades to choose from and is perfect for creating a fun ombre lip. This lip art can be modified for any color combo, including purple and pink, black and green and even rainbow.


Marble Lips

To recreate the pattern bloggers and influencers have been having a field day with, all you need is gray lipstick and black eyeliner or lip liner. For an ultra-dark look, grab the Urban Decay Lip Liner in Perversion to accent the gray shade. Paint the light gray lipstick/ liner all over your lips, making sure to line the edges precisely. Follow up with black liner and draw messy lines throughout your lips. The lines do not need to look clean; the more abstract, the better. Polish off your art by dabbing on clear gloss in the center of your bottom lip. Create an even more unique look by using a different base and accent color, such as teal and gold. Make it as original as possible to emphasize your individuality.  


Pop Culture Lips

Famous paintings, beloved movies and classic novels have all been represented in viral lip art. Whether it is a recreation of Vincent Van Gough’s Starry Night, the 80s classic Jaws or Mickey Mouse’s iconic ears, each look is shrunk down and presented as its own work of cosmetic art. To create your own piece, choose your favorite pop culture reference and use face or lip paint, like the Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette, with small, dense brushes to paint the scene onto your lips. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box– textures, colors and overdrawn lines are all aspects that will make a plain ‘ol lip Instagram-worthy.

No matter which trend you try, make sure to have fun with the recreation. Always add an element of uniqueness to ensure that your art is individual and does not completely copy the work of anyone else. Whatever you do, be creative! Your lips are your canvas, and who knows, you might just become an Instagram sensation.

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