Making a Beauty Statement: Why Not?


by Shloka Rathi, Contributing Writer

Have you ever felt like the color of your lipstick is something that people notice but not in the way you like? Some people assume that if you wear black lipstick, you are goth. If you choose cherry red, you must like to flirt. You feel like society is deciding your personality for you and stereotyping you into a person you may or may not be.

I am here to tell you that you can rock whatever shade of lipstick you want and not give a damn. Your lipstick shade does not define your character, and you should wear whatever shade you please, simply because it makes you happy. Your happiness should come above society’s generalizations and norms. If wearing bright blue lipstick on a dull day cheers you up, that is exactly what you should wear.

Since I love to wear some bold colors too, here are some of my favorite lipstick shades you can add to your fabulous collection!

ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks “Lax” & “Avenue” are two dark, bold colors that go with absolutely anything. They compliment many skin tones and are a great value for money!

Urban Decay’s Vice Lipsticks
Vice is one of Urban Decay’s most popular lipstick in the market today. Vice comes in high-shine,  matte finish, metallic finish, satin finish and, last but not the least, shimmer finish! Plus, they are all very long-lasting. My favorites include “Perversion” Comfort Matte finish, Nighthawk in Cream finish and Junkie.


Smashbox has a reputation for owning the most funky, bold colors! The ‘Always On Matte’ liquid lipsticks have great reviews and colors. I love the shade “Some Nerve,” which is a vibrant purple color that gives a flawless matte finish.

The Estée Edit

Estée Edit took the color of the rainbow and made them into their own line of lipsticks. The most unconventional, hip color come from their collection. Try them out as soon as possible.


Last, but not the least, we have Milani’s liquid lipstick collection. My absolute favorite shade is “Obsession.”  It has a great consistency and is bright pink! You can pick it up at any nearby Walgreens or visit their website!

Say goodbye to your conventional lipstick colors and go for something bold. Do not let society tell you that you cannot wear a new, fun color. Feel free to review these suggestions and test out just how being bold can affect your day.

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