Fashion News Recap: Tory Burch Cultural Appropriation, Burberry’s New Hires, Amazon Fashion

by Nell Yu, Fashion News Correspondent


Tory Burch Apologizes After being Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Featuring the viral song and dance “Juju On That Beat,” Tory Burch’s new spring/summer 2017 campaign video aimed to create a fun vibe. However, this video was criticized on social media for only featuring white models, including Poppy Delevingne, dancing to the song which was created by black artists. The director quickly apologized and took the video down from the Tory Burch website, Vogue reports. I don’t think that Tory Burch did this on purpose, but their inattention to detail led to such accusation.


Burberry Hires Dior Accessory Design Director

A new role is created by Burberry for their new hire Sabrina Bonesi, a leather good designer from Dior. Bonesi is expected to be in charge of the accessory collections for Burberry. But Bonesi was not the only new hire — Burberry also created a new position for Claudia Plant, one of Net-a-Porter’s co-founders. We are looking forward to seeing where the new team will take Burberry to.


Amazon Fashion

The e-commerce giant Amazon is starting to actively endorse private fashion labels according to WWD. From the eight brands Amazon is currently supporting, we can see the focus is on the basics. It is not hard for Amazon to promote certain brands based on their current online circulation, but we are still unsure where Amazon is trying to go. The fact that this e-commerce giant is promoting certain fashion labels over others does create tension among other apparel companies because of Amazon’s advanced technology.


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