Packing Made Simple

by Tenley Sanduski, Fashion Writer

Photography by Tenley Sanduski

Traveling can be stressful, but packing doesn’t have to be. I may be in the minority on this one, but I actually enjoy packing. Two weeks before I can even check into my flight, my bags will be packed and ready to go.

They key to making travel easy is packing simply. While packing, it’s important to make deliberate choices instead of just stuffing everything you own into your suitcase. Not only will this help you pack lighter, it will allow you to enjoy your vacation without the worry of what to wear!


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Keep the number of pants and bottoms you bring to a minimum. This will make outfit creating easier by reducing your number of options.
  2. Bring tops that could match any of the bottoms you bring so you can grab and go.
  3. You really only need two pairs of shoes. A comfy, more practical pair and a pair for when you want to dress it up a little. Shoes take up a lot of room and they’re heavy! It’s hard to limit to just two, but you’ll thank yourself later.
  4. Less is more when it comes to accessories. A statement necklace or bracelet is always fun to bring, but for the majority of your trip, simple, classic accessories that you can re-wear are key.

These tips will help your voyage there go smoothly, but what about all the souvenirs you want to bring back?!

We’ve all been there, you pack your suitcase full on the way there, and when you’re packing to come home, nothing fits. This is a classic case of unforeseen souveniring.

As with packing, when buying gifts it’s important to be deliberate in your choices. A fun idea is to make your souvenirs a part of a DIY project.


Before a recent trip to Europe, I bought a simple black backpack. During the trip I bought a patch, pin, or keychain from each place we visited to personalize my backpack with. This was a perfect way to commemorate my trip while also making sure I didn’t buy too much. Now I have a place to keep all my memories in a practical way that I will use for years to come.

If DIY isn’t your thing, make your souvenirs a collection. Spoons, shot glasses or keychains are great items to collect. When you keep your buying patterns cohesive, not only do you curb excessive spending, you create an easy and simple way to remember your travels.

Vacations should be spent making memories, these tips will help make sure no time is wasted sitting atop your overfilled suitcase trying to zip it.

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