Hydrate To Be Great: What I Noticed When I Increased My Water Intake

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by Molly O’Brien, Lifestyle Staff Writer

The late summer heat beats down hard as a single drop of sweat rolls down my neck. Trying to mask my exhaustion, I reach for ice cream that, despite its cold, soothing texture, does not re-energize me at all. Drinking water is obviously necessary for survival, yet so few people get enough of it. This summer, I decided to focus on my water intake and live with a new mantra: hydrate to be great.

To be clear, I did not limit my beverages to solely water—I need coffee just as much as the next college student. This was simply a mission to drink more water and see what changes, if any, occurred. At first, the only difference was an overwhelming need to use the bathroom, which continues to be frustrating. Slowly though, everything the experts say proved true.

Girl, you glow

After a few days, my skin began to look lively and generally healthier. As expected, my face had more color to it, but so did my legs. As someone who applies lotion after every shower, I found myself requiring less, and only applying every other day. The science is simple. Because your skin is actually an organ, it is made up of cells, which require water to act properly. This reaction will never happen overnight, but in due time, the water ingested reaches the skin and creates a healthy glow sans highlighter.

I’m so full!

Everyone has heard a glass of water before and after eating works to make you feel more full. What they don’t tell you is how long water can sustain you! When a snack craving hits, it is always easiest to reach for a bag of chips that is just outside arm’s reach. Instead, I gulped down a tall glass of water before deciding what to munch on. Even if it was still the chips, I found myself getting full quicker and staying that way longer.

Energy, I got energy

Typically a two-cups-of-coffee kind of girl, this shift to water felt amazing. Dehydration can quickly drag a person down, making them sluggish and sleepy. A proven quick fix, of course: take down a glass of ice water. My energy level was not only heightened, but stayed regulated throughout the day. Goodbye, afternoon crash.

Still, sparkling, fruit-flavored—there are plenty of ways to keep water interesting and new. This fall, I intend to keep pushing for heightened hydration as a quick health fix. The benefits keep rolling in!

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