Grab a Cup of Joe: The Benefits of Coffee



by Amanda Glass, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Photographed by Amanda Glass

If you’re like me, you know the feeling of having caffeine as a blood type. Every morning, rain or shine, begins the same way: with a big cup of Joe. Hot, iced, blended into a frap, you name it. We will do whatever it takes to get our coffee. Those of you who can go a day without caffeine might ask, what is the hype over coffee all about, anyway? Here’s the scoop.

Students are naturally tired. No matter how many hours of sleep and relaxation we accomplish, those beautiful bags under our eyes will persist and a sluggish demeanor will follow us wherever we go. To keep our minds up and running, even when they are low on gas (or running on empty), we resort to caffeine. But, not all ways to get that energy boost are ideal. Drinks like Monster and 5-Hour Energy are made of harmful chemicals and will cause you to crash after the caffeine has worn off. Sugary drinks offer energy, but are also unhealthy to consume. On the other hand, coffee is the most natural source of caffeine; after all, its beans are grown from the ground. One cup will wake you up just enough to be, well, a normal and functioning human being.

Believe me, I know — it is difficult to resort to the “healthier” drink option when sodas and tasty milkshakes exist. However, the health benefits of drinking coffee over sugary drinks are far and wide. Luckily, not only is a regular cup of black coffee almost calorie-less, but with additions like almond milk and Stevia, it will taste even better than that chocolate milk you were eyeing. Along with boosting your metabolism, coffee is said to be loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. Instead of having to run off excess calories at the gym, it will give you the energy to go to the gym — and stay there. That benefits your health a latte.

The places at which you physically get coffee are also debatably the greatest part of enjoying the drink. Coffee shops are safe havens; there is nothing better than sipping on a cappuccino in a quaint, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing café. You can almost always locate a coffee shop within a 2-mile radius of wherever you go, whether it is a chain like Starbucks or a local mom and pop. Coffee shops are adorable, friendly and usually have an impressive pastry section to accompany your drink. So take out your mugs, dust off the Keurig or stop by your local café for breakfast. Opt for a hot, steaming mug of Joe — whichever way you stir it.

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