Fashion and Self Care – Why you should star in a photoshoot

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by Shloka Rathi, Contributing Writer

There may be some days where you are doubting yourself or feeling a little low on self-esteem, but there is a very simple way to change that! Try putting on an outfit you wouldn’t usually wear and get a friend or photographer to take photos shoot of you!

Not a lot of people know that having pictures taken of yourself is a great way to feel good and bump up your confidence. A lot of people who are shy, timid or are afraid of public speaking may not be able to completely express themselves, but there is a lot of expressing one can do through pictures. They say a picture is worth one thousand words for a reason! Many times, a photoshoot can help you express emotions and feelings as well.

Photoshoots have the ability of making you feel in the spotlight, your confidence gets an automatic boost because your raw beauty is being appreciated. Makeup or no makeup, clothes or no clothes, you’re still the main focus of something. Looking at the pictures after, you learn to actually appreciate yourself and your inner and outer beauty.


Just last month, I was contacted by a local Madison photographer for a collaboration. He said he wanted to do a shoot with ‘high-end style’ and out of the ordinary looks, I decided this was the time for me to step outside of my comfort zone and boost up my self-confidence!

Long story short, the shoot was a huge success and I felt so confident by the end of it! I encourage everyone to go ahead and get a photoshoot done – it is a real confidence booster as well as ups your self esteem when you love what you’re wearing and most importantly, loving yourself and how you look!

Photography by Yoshi Photography


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