Style Radar: Amanda Steele

by Jessica Murphy, Contributing Writer

Amanda Steele, an 18-year-old Youtube sensation, has recently become a huge name in the fashion industry. Beginning Youtube at the age of ten, she has evolved in front of her millions of social media followers and Youtube subscribers. Her eye for fashion trends has made her stand out in the vlogger industry. Steele’s  outfit choices are not something the average person would think to throw together, but  that’s the exact reason why she has exploded in the fashion world.

Amanda combines edgy streetwear with high fashion trends to create a casual, yet sophisticated look. Her style is unexpected, that’s why she has generated buzz and started a conversation. If you look more closely into the details of her looks, layering both clothing and jewelry is a staple. She is both feminine and sporty, and her ability to combine the two into a distinct style makes her one to remember at red carpet events and in the public eye. Being unafraid to step outside of the box and not fit in with “mainstream society” is what sets her apart from other fashion icons. She makes every outfit look effortless, yet high fashion. Some might call it avant-garde chic.  

Steele’s Instagram is filled with different looks she has created for anything from New York Fashion Week, to a casual day in Los Angeles. Her fashion and beauty focused social media accounts give her an outlet to show others what it means to be yourself and not worry what others may think of you.

Not only is Amanda Steele an icon in terms of fashion inspiration, but she has also created her own clothing line, STEELE MERCH. Her line includes an array of styles from graphic tees to oversized sweatshirts. Steele’s popularity has lead her to be the new face for American Eagle Outfitter’s denim line. She has also been featured on Colour Pop Cosmetics, Hypebae, and an array of others. Her unique, individual style is becoming more trendy to her followers and society as a whole, and her ideas to combine mismatched patterns and styles has allowed her to become a fashion inspiration to many.

Steele started as a young girl making Youtube videos about “middle school makeup tutorials,” and “first day of school OOTDs,” and has evolved into a successful, fashion forward star and someone to look out for in the future.

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