Get Moving Without the Dreaded Treadmill

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by Amanda Glass, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Photographed by Amanda Glass

As a full-time student trying to balance schoolwork, friends, extracurricular activities and your own mental sanity, it is easy to resort to the lazy option when it comes to exercising — not doing it at all. It does not help that the thought of the gym is extremely daunting to most, especially after a long and grueling school day. However, it is important to stay active in college, considering the late-night eating and constant snacking we are all guilty of. If you fall into the anti-treadmill category, you will be excited to hear that there are ways to burn those daily calories without the dreaded treadmill. For anyone looking to change-up their workout routine, here are some options to get moving around UW-Madison’s campus.

Whether you are a runner, biker or walker, exercising outside is not only a great way to stay active, but it is also extremely beneficial to your mental health. Spending time outside is the perfect stress-reliever and study break, and it is important to experience before Madison turns antarctic. The Lakeshore Path is ideal for running, biking and everything in between, while Bascom Hill offers a challenge for those looking to tone their legs. Try sprinting up and down the long hill a few times. The views of the trees and the Capitol are better than any treadmill run and make the hard work worthwhile. Additionally, there are plenty of side streets around the Capitol that could always use some exploring. Lace up your running shoes and get out there.

While the gym is always a backup option, there are plenty of other exercise classes around campus and the city of Madison that are student-friendly. Kamps, a high-intensity, 50-minute workout session, will have you sweating in minutes. Cyc, located above Fresh Market, is perfect for cycling lovers. For more relaxing options, Dragonfly and Inner Fire offer every type of yoga class possible. If a short car ride is not a problem, Barre Code and Orange Theory are located in the heart of Madison and will soon steal a spot in your heart. Not to mention, gym facilities like Hillel and Anytime Fitness offer per-semester membership deals that are extremely affordable for students. So, what is your excuse not to get active?

It is no secret: bringing yourself to exercise, especially during the cold months, is no easy task. When you are feeling unmotivated, try to remember all the health benefits that exercising provides. Whether you last 25 minutes or an hour, grab your running shoes, find a friend and get moving. Remember, no one has ever regretted a workout!

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