Beating the November Blues

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Written and photographed by Amanda Glass, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Although November is the month of Thanksgiving, it is sometimes more commonly recognized as the awkward gap between Halloween and the end of year holidays. For students, it also happens to be the wonderful month of midterms. Whether your November is jam-packed or simply a void in the calendar, start the month off right by setting goals that will keep your mind on track. Spend more time outdoors, stay up-to-speed with your classes and reconnect with your friends and family — a few small changes are enough to beat the November blues.

Before we slip into the barren months of winter, utilize November as the last time to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The unpredictable temperatures mean it is important to take every opportunity you can to soak in some vitamin D. Whether on a walk to class or a run by the lake, being outdoors for even a few minutes each day can boost your mood entirely.

As we creep towards the end of the semester, our motivation for school tends to deplete. If you have come so far in your courses already, giving up now cancels out all the hard work you have previously accomplished. Make November your most academically determined month yet. Although this does not entail locking yourself in the library each night, make sure you stay on top of your schoolwork and dedicate a period of time each day toward your classes. Doing so might seem strenuous at the moment, but it will definitely pay off when you receive those great final exam grades come December.

Lastly, as November is the month of giving thanks, make it a time to reconnect with friends and family members that you may have lost contact with recently. Friendships are one of our most prized possessions; do not let your lack of communication get in the way of those bonds. Give your high school best friend, grandma or neighbor a call. It may improve your motivation to have a successful November.

When you bring out your scarves and winter coat this month, try to keep these goals in mind. Not only is November the perfect month to begin wrapping up your year, but additionally, it can set the tone for the year to come. As they say, end on a positive note!

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