Five Festive Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

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Written and Photographed by Grace Herndon, Contributing Writer

The greatest time of year is finally here, and filling your living space with holiday cheer is often ritualistic. Turning up the festive jams and pulling out fun winter accents is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with loved ones. When it comes to dorms, apartments and smaller living spaces, however, it is usually tricky to reign in your most wild and spectacular dreams of holiday decorations without overcrowding your snug space. Here are five fast tips to guide your small-space decorating this holiday season!

Choose a theme and stick to it

While it may be tempting to go for every kitsch colorful sign along with your chic, wooden Christmas trees, when dealing with a smaller area, choosing a theme is essential to achieving an optimal decor flow. If you are feeling an all-out rainbow extravaganza as your theme, go for it! Be sure to save the small, white twinkle lights and oh-so-sophisticated holiday stationery for next year though, as too many aesthetics in a little space gives a cluttered feel.

Open the space with light

Candles and fairy lights are the perfect complements to your holiday decorations, as more light gives your room a larger look. Wrap any houseplants, bookshelves and tables in tiny twinkle lights for a cozy vibe. If you are a scented candle lover, whip out every festive aroma you find to bring extra warmth and a delicious scent to your space. Wary of real candles? Opt for battery-powered imitations made from real wax. Search for special flickering versions to deliver the genuine look. 

Substitute necessities with festive fillers

This time of year offers nearly every product in holiday-tailored packaging, from chap-stick to tissue boxes. When the price difference is minimal to none, substitute a cheerful replacement with your everyday items. Throw some snowflake sticky notes and a gingerbread pen on your desk to add to the spirit of the space! This reduces the disorderly look that too many decorations can bring while still maintaining the excitement of the season.

Get crafty with gently used gems

Spend an hour or two searching your belongings for old or useless items that can be repurposed. Create evergreens from paper towel rolls, snowmen from socks filled with rice and one-of-a-kind snowflakes from scrap paper. This saves you major bank and is the perfect pastime while cookies are in the oven and holiday movies are on repeat.

Less is more

When it comes to small areas, always refer to minimalism to achieve the ideal winter wonderland. This will leave you feeling more relaxed and comfortable in your space while allowing for quick and easy substitutions. The most important element is to love your decor while feeling feverishly festive!

Once you have imagined your ideal decorations, put your plan into action with a full-blown winter workshop. When your decoration daydreams are a reality, you will feel so cozy and festive you may never want to leave your room. Remember to enjoy the crisp air, warm hot cocoa and snowman-building extravaganzas that await you in the coming weeks. With your living space makeover, however, you will always be comforted knowing you have a cozy and positively twinkling home to return to this holiday season.

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