This One’s for the Girls: The Madison Women’s Expo

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Written and Photographed by Sam Georgson, Contributing Writer

The Madison Women’s Expo is an exciting and action-packed two-day event chock-full of female empowerment. This year was the 19th annual Women’s Expo, and the event is ever-growing. Brava Magazine, a local monthly publication that highlights Madison-area women and their achievements, puts on the event along with the help of many other local businesses and sponsors.

The Women’s Expo provides a fun and interactive environment for women to celebrate one another and engage with their community. The event’s design is to honor women — mothers, students, sisters, daughters and friends — with a day that is all about them. It is the ultimate girl’s weekend, filled with interesting talks and panels; hands-on crafts and activities; classes, exhibitions and goods from local vendors.

When asked about how Brava connects with all of the female leaders present at the event, Kris Foust, Director of Marketing and Events for the magazine, explains that many of the connections with exhibitors, guest speakers and local business owners stem from the women who are featured in their magazine. She notes that sometimes it goes the other way, too. “[They] contact us and then we end up writing about them afterward, so it’s kind of a two-way street.”

Faust also says that the Women’s Expo was “initially about bringing the magazine to life.” Now, however, the event is mostly focused on the interactions between the amazing women featured in the magazine, the wonderful local businesses advertised in Brava, and their inspiring and loyal readers. According to Faust, “[the event] creates a really great synergy between the three.”

Each year, The Women’s Expo has more than 100 vendors with amazing products and services for sale. There are several stages hosting educational, inspiring and uplifting talks from local female leaders and healthcare representatives. The event even includes different fitness classes and cooking lessons taught by knowledgeable instructors from around the Madison area. There are also plenty of other hands-on activities, and opportunities to create arts and crafts projects with women from all over the city.

Brava wants to give women their own special day — to create a space where they can concentrate on themselves. Faust says the event is “completely about being a woman, being selfish. It’s just a time for being yourself.” Brava’s main goal is providing a place where women are “centered on themselves for a period of time and can enjoy it with other women, even [if] just for an afternoon.”

Whether you are looking for a way to spend a perfect mother-daughter day or the ultimate girls weekend, the Women’s Expo is an empowering and uplifting event for you and all your favorite women. Mark your calendars, grab your favorite ladies and spend the day being selfishly yourself. Celebrate one another at next year’s Women’s Expo.

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