Lifestyle Gift Guide: Give Experiences, Not Things

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by Sam Georgson, Contributing Writer

Sure, everyone on your list is probably hoping for the newest and the latest. Your dad requested the latest version of the iPhone, mom is hoping for a brand-new set of paint brushes and those fancy Bluetooth headphones are on your significant other’s list. Fulfilling these wishes would leave them all feeling incredibly satisfied for the fleeting moment in which they open their gifts, hurrying to get them out of their packaging in order to play with their new toys.

They will all be so grateful and overjoyed during the first few uses, ever-so-thankful that you were able to fulfill their materialistic requests, but eventually the next new iPhone will be released, your mom’s paintbrushes will grow dull and stained, and there will be new, better quality headphones that your partner will be dying to get their hands on.

So, instead of adding to the clutter this year, why not give the gift that keeps on giving: experiences. Go above and beyond this holiday season by gifting your loved ones a new and fun experience that you can enjoy together! Although these gifts often come at a price, the memories that accompany the experiences are simply priceless.

If dad is a sports fan, you might look into tickets to his favorite game. Whether it be basketball, football, baseball or the like, grab some cheap tickets to a nearby game with his number one team. You do not have to break the bank on expensive sideline seats to enjoy yourselves. Instead, snag a couple of cheap seats way up in the stands, put on your team colors, get ready to enjoy some nachos and celebrate a win like the true fans you are!

For mom, consider treating her to a spa day. Give her the gift of a day devoted to relaxation. Show her how much you appreciate her and all of the hard work she does for your family by allowing her a totally self-indulged day. She will come back feeling oh-so refreshed, which is a wonderful way to wind down after the busy holiday season.

A one-of-a-kind gift for your best friend could be tickets to your favorite artist in concert. The two of you can get dolled up, grab a bite to eat and even try to snag an autograph or a picture with the band. This provides a whole night of fun for you and your bestie, and just think of all of the picture opportunities!

There is nothing like seeing Broadway live, and this experience makes for a great way to check off the whole family in one go. Make a reservation for the lot of you at your family’s favorite dinner spot, get the gang together and make sure everyone cleans up nicely before making your way to the theater for a night of lively Broadway entertainment. There are tons of holiday classics out now, such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol, which are perfectly festive gifts for the holiday season.

If you still need an idea for your special someone, consider treating your partner to a special date night or a weekend getaway. What better way to celebrate the holidays than to slip away from all of the chaos back home and book a room for two in a hotel or Bed & Breakfast. This getaway makes for the perfect romantic escape. To keep costs down, choose a fun neighboring city within driving distance or stay with friends. Whatever you choose, go out and explore a new city with your special someone, taking in all of the local joys it has to offer.

So please, clear your holiday lists, quit clipping coupons and ignore all of those door buster sales emails filling your inbox. Give your family, friends and loved ones an extra special gift this year by gifting them a new and meaningful experience that you can share. Start your transition into gifting experiences this year so that you and your loved ones can hold on to all of those warm, fuzzy memories for years to come.

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