Seven Single Valentine’s Day Activities

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by Katie Herrick, Contributing Writer

Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret. There are so many activities that are more fun than spending time with a significant other. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, not only with a partner, but also love between your friends, family, and yourself. Instead of moping around and wishing you had a date, pick one (or a few) of these seven ideas and have a sweet Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate with Friends

Nothing is better than friendship, especially with loved ones who have been there since the beginning. Get together with your closest friends and have a Galentine’s Day party. Crack open a bottle of wine, bring out the board games and let the laughs begin. Get extra indulgent by splurging on anything chocolate for you and your besties — you know you deserve it.

Spa Night

Pick up a new facemask, whether it is a $1 sheet mask or a bottle of something luxurious, and even buy a cucumber to use on your eyes. Paint your nails, cover your whole body in coconut oil and pamper yourself. Self-love is one of the best types of loves to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, and self-care can refresh your mindset for the rest of the semester.

Take Yourself Out

There is no shame in this; I take myself to nice restaurants on the regular. Bring a book and enjoy the quality food without the stress of eating in front of someone else or having to make conversation while still chewing your salad. Plus, there is no concern over who is going to pay the bill.

Movie Night

Order your favorite take-out, pop some popcorn and cuddle up with your favorite movie or TV show. Transporting yourself to a different time and place allows for a nice break from daily life and is the perfect way to relax on a cold winter night. Plus, the Kardashian’s aren’t going to keep up with themselves.

Animal Shelter

Whether you are a dog or cat person, we can all agree that college makes you miss your pets from home. Head over to the county’s Humane Society or any local animal shelter to volunteer with some furry friends and show them some love. This activity is two-sided; it will benefit the animals and help you de-stress. Bonus point if you adopt!

Family Time

Leaving for college is exciting for you, but it can break your family’s heart. Call your mom, your dad, your grandma — whoever needs to hear from you. Remind them that you love them and keep them updated on your personal life. It will make their day, and you will probably get a few smiles out of it as well.

Cheap Candy

Last, but certainly not least. The best part of Valentine’s Day is stocking up on discounted candy come February 15th. Everyone loves a bargain and everyone loves chocolate. It’s a win-win for your taste buds, wallet and happiness.

Whether you choose to hang out with friends, spend some quality time with yourself or call up a family member, Valentine’s Day does not need to be a dreary day for those who are single. Try out one of these activities and enjoy yourself!

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