Moda Staff 2014.ChloeChloe Karaskiewicz, Editor In Chief

A senior studying psychology and French, Chloe is returning for her second year as Editor-in-Chief. After a successful last year, she is excited to bring new contributors, staff members, and positions to the magazine in order to further expand readership and community investment. Currently working on her senior thesis in Bio/Behavioral Developmental Psychology, she is enthusiastic to leave Moda with an enduring legacy of integrity, excellence, and, of course, fun.

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Image 6Caroline Kreul, Deputy Editor

Caroline is a senior majoring in journalism with a certificate in digital studies. Prior to becoming Deputy Editor last spring, she served as a contributing writer her sophomore year and as Social Editor her junior year. This past summer, she served as a Fashion Editorial Assistant at Town & Country Magazine in New York City and learned first hand what it takes to run a successful publication. She plans on spending her final year at Moda ensuring that it continues to produce professional-quality publications and passing on her knowledge to its members to guarantee the publication’s success long after her graduation in May.

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Moda Staff 2014.MekeaMekea Larson, Creative Director

Mekea is a senior pursuing degrees in journalism with a focus in strategic communications and French. In addition to a love of writing, she is constantly drawn to the way visuals can express the human experience–something she brings to her role as Moda’s Creative Director. This past summer, Mekea worked with a freelance stylist in New York City, assisting with photo shoots for everything from Vogue Australia to Motorola. She loves running, concerts and black leather jackets.

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Moda Staff 2014.PaigePaige Schultz, Fashion Editor

Paige is a senior majoring in strategic communications and communication arts. Prior to assuming her role as Fashion Editor for Moda last fall, Paige worked as a Fashion Writer for the magazine during her freshman and sophomore years. This year, she is excited to grow and develop Moda’s fashion section even more with brand new editorial content that explores the global, local and personal aspects of the fashion world. Upon graduation in spring, Paige hopes to move to New York City where she can pursue a career that not only complements her love for fashion and culture, but also satiates her craving for fast-paced living.

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Moda Staff 2014.JenJen Anderson, Lifestyle Editor

Jen is a junior double majoring in journalism and communication arts. This is her third year on staff for Moda and her second year as Lifestyle Editor. Although print journalism is one of Jen’s many passions, she hopes to pursue a career in broadcast. This summer, Jen embraced the broadcast world and worked at Entercom Radio Madison as a part of the promotional staff. After graduate school, Jen would like to one-day work for Good Morning America as a news anchor.

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Moda Staff 2014.BarbaraBarbara Gonzalez, Social Editor

Barbara is a senior majoring in journalism with a focus in reporting and a Certificate in Chican@/Latin@ studies. She has always been passionate about writing, using her voice to make a positive impact on the myriad of communities she is involved with. In summer 2013, she worked at Seventeen Magazine as a Bookings Intern. Barbara is also currently an LGBTQ+ Contributing Writer for Her Campus, the #1 leading website for college women in the world. As a former Contributing Writer and Social Justice and Fashion Columnist for the past two years, she is thrilled to spend her final year as Social Editor of the magazine that has truly helped shape not only her college experience, but her identity as a journalist.

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Moda Staff 2014.BronteBrontë Mansfield, Arts Editor

Brontë is a senior majoring in art history and English. When she’s not crocheting in class or drinking copious amounts of coffee, she also works as an assistant to a curator at the Chazen.  She is beyond excited to be the first editor of Moda’s new Arts section, and looks forward to bringing the Madison art scene to more people on campus. Brontë someday aspires to get a PhD in Art History, and work as a curator—fingers crossed for daily lunch on the Met steps.

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Moda Staff 2014.AndrewAndrew Connor, Men’s Editor

Andrew is a senior majoring in psychology and communication arts. He realized his knack and love for writing when interning in New York City for, a male oriented automotive, tech and style site for which he still contributes. After finding and writing for Moda a year ago, he became one of the few male staff writers for the publication. Now he is our first ever Men’s Editor, heading and editing all male-centric content at Moda. Though he loves style and interior decor, his biggest passion in life is cars, and is looking forward to continuing his career in automotive journalism after he graduates in May.

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Moda Staff 2014.RobertoRoberto Leon, Photography Director

Roberto is a senior studying Psychology and Life Science Communications with interest in pursuing a career at a fashion magazine. Born and raised in a small town in rural Mexico, Roberto developed a rebellious attitude towards fashion in a traditional environment which can be seen through the styling of some of  his personal work. With six years of photography experience, Roberto hopes to help contribute exceptional images to Moda as well as knowledge about photography to interested contributors.

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10629403_10152799028984496_780461158676680180_oJesse Tovar, Art Director

Jesse is a senior studying journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications. He previously worked with Moda last year as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations and is excited to transition into his new role as Layout Editor for the publication. This year, you can find him in a variety of different study spots around campus endlessly working on InDesign and chugging iced coffees. He hopes to continue the great work past layout editors have done for Moda and bring a fresh outlook to the magazine.

To contact him, please send an e-mail to

Moda Staff 2014.AliAli Zimmerman, Financial Director

Ali is a senior majoring in finance and marketing. This past summer, she was a Merchandising Intern at The Bon-Ton Stores in Milwaukee, WI. Ali plans to pursue a career in the retail industry after graduation in May. She is very excited about her second year with Moda and working closely with its staff to ensure all publications and events have the funds to be executed.

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