The White Wall: Lakshmi

by Madelyn Sundquist, Staff Writer Judy Fox’s Lakshmi is currently on display on the 4th floor of the Chazen Museum of Art. Originally a part of the Chazen’s “The Human Condition” exhibition in Fall 2014, Fox has found her way into permanent standing with the museum. The New … Continue readingThe White Wall: Lakshmi

The White Wall: “Baigneuse Debout” by Renoir

By Erin Green, Arts Columnist Get out your berets and treat yourself to some delicious macarons because this week, we’re talking about a favorite French Impressionist, Auguste Renoir! Most know Pierre-Auguste Renoir for his lively and colorfully expressive paintings. Typically lumped together with Monet, Degas, and other … Continue readingThe White Wall: “Baigneuse Debout” by Renoir