Camilla Belle

by Heba Elorbany, Staff Writer You’ve seen this beauty in movies like 10,000 BC or Push, or in tabloids highlighting her previous relationship with teenage heartthrob Joe Jonas, but it is on the red carpet that Camilla Belle has proven herself to be an extraordinary … Continue readingCamilla Belle

“It’s Vintage”

by Allegra Dimperio, Fashion Editor “It’s vintage.” Those words can strike awe and envy in the heart of any inquiring soul. Vintage garments, when done correctly, do it all: they are timeless while being innovative, style-savvy while unique, and best of all, essentially one of … Continue reading“It’s Vintage”

Styling the Block

    by Mia Hanekamp and Jeff Cartwright The University of Wisconsin-Madison: known for its prestigious academics, research, athletics… and that one holiday in the spring. Yes, the Mifflin Street Block Party. This is the one day in the spring when Wisconsin students put away … Continue readingStyling the Block

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Desert Style

by Mia Hanekamp, Editor In Chief This past weekend, I jetted off to the southwest to visit family in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was thrilled to get out of Madison for a few days, especially to a destination where I could absorb all the vitamin D … Continue readingDesert Style

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