Mindful Beauty

by Briana Lerner, Lifestyle Staff Writer Mental illnesses comes in many forms and require treatments and coping mechanisms that are unique to each affected person. This is the same for each person’s beauty routine. A new perspective for beauty lovers living with and without a … Continue readingMindful Beauty

Why I’m Going #BoPo

by Briana Lerner, Lifestyle Staff Writer If you follow any fitness-inspired Instagram accounts, scrolling through your feed can be emotionally exhausting. On top of school, a part-time job and extracurriculars, how can a college student be expected to find time as much work out as much … Continue readingWhy I’m Going #BoPo

Embracing Your ‘Roots’ and Plant-based Diets

by Briana Lerner, Lifestyle Staff Writer Lately, plant-based diets have become all the rage amongst many. This strict, fruit-and-veggies-only diet is not to be confused with veganism, a complete lifestyle change that encompasses diet, clothing and personal care items. Veganism is based on ethics along with … Continue readingEmbracing Your ‘Roots’ and Plant-based Diets