Wear Your Crown in Chi-Town

by Gaby Felknor When celebrating a twenty-first birthday I recommend making it as lavish as possible. After all, that is the quintessential year that all American youths are conditioned to pine for, isn’t it? From then on, in our society, birthdays become all “hush hush,” … Continue readingWear Your Crown in Chi-Town

The Farmers’ Market

by Gaby Felknor Friday nights in Madison may belong to State Street and Sunday afternoons to the Union Terrace, but Saturday mornings mean just one thing: the Capitol Square Farmers’ Market. So instead of snoozing the afternoon away, shake the sleep from your heads and … Continue readingThe Farmers’ Market

It’s Only Thursday

by Gaby Felknor Spring has sprung in the city, people! And that means one thing and one thing only: Madison nightlife is heating up more than ever. The long winter is finally over and students across campus have been struck with Spring fever. As cookouts … Continue readingIt’s Only Thursday

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